Plaids have become a very popular accessory to the traditional Scottish kilt and will add a rather striking finish to the Grooms outfit!


We offer a complete plaid making service, and will turn out a quality Full-Fly Plaid in exactly the same fabric and tartan as your kilt.

Price Range   £125 to £165


Plaid brooches are the traditional method of fastening the plaid, cloak or shawl at the shoulder, and we hold an extensive range of designs in stock.


The Penannular is the most ancient style, and at one time the brooch became so exaggerated in size and design that a law was passed in Scotland forbidding the pin to protrude beyond the shoulder!


We guarantee that you will not encounter any such restriction when making your selection at Cooper and McKenzie Highlandwear today!

Price Range   £39.95 to £42.50



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