THE TARTAN - The fair have sighed for it, the brave have died for it!

As part of our national dress, tartan is unique to Scotland.  It has developed from the roughly woven plaid coloured from local pigment dyes in which early Highlanders wrapped themselves to battle, to some of the highest quality and intricate designs that you will view in Cooper & McKenzie Highlandwear today!


Many of the traditions associated with the kilt can be traced back to the formation of Highland Regiments. Yet for nearly 30 years after the battle of Culloden and the ending of the Jacobite uprising of 1745, the wearing of tartan and playing the pipes was forbidden by the British Government.  Any Scotsman who dared wear the kilt was imprisoned, or even deported to far away lands!


Highlandwear was returned to fashion by King George 1V when he visited Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh.  He adopted the wearing of tartan and this Royal Patronage rekindled the life of tartan and highlandwear.


Tartan symbolises the clans and the culture of Scotland and the strong pride that its people, both here and abroad have in being known as Scots!


The Gathering of the Clans!

The first step in choosing your Highlandwear outfit is to select a tartan, and to be clad in your own tartan couldn't be simpler with our Gathering of the Clans!


We have over one thousand 13oz. and two hundred 16oz. pure wool tartans from the Leading Mills on show for your viewing today!






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