The Cooper & McKenzie Kilt

A Cooper & McKenzie kilt is a quality garment steeped in over a century of tradition.  It will be recognised the world over as one of the most enduring of national statements.  It has style, it has character, and importantly it has real class!


All of our kilts are made utalising age-old skills which have been handed down through the generations by characters.  Traditions well worth preserving!


Hours of quality handwork by skilled craftsmen tailor the full, deep pleats necessary to assure the graceful swing that is the hallmark of a Cooper & McKenzie kilt!


Beware of inadequate imitations - the vast majority of budget price 'modern kilts' are extremely poorly turned out and are best suited to wearing casually perhaps once or twice a year.  We would strongly suggest that you avoid this compromise.  Any Highlandwear enthusiast who is switched on will realize that a quality Cooper & McKenzie kilt is quite simply unbeatable!


There are numerous reasons why you should buy a Cooper & McKenzie kilt!


A kilt makes a great gift, for example on an aniversary or an 18th or 21st birthday.


You can get married in your own tartan, fully confident of the quality that the Cooper & McKenzie Label assures, and retain what will prove an ever-lasting memento of your big day!


Your kilt can be worn thereafter for christenings, dinners, Burns Suppers, graduations, business trips, holidays and cruises!


A kilt will never date, and lasts a lifetime.  It will become a family heirloom, passing on to the next generation!









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