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Reform Street is right in the heart of the Dundee City Centre, and for centuries has served as a historic link between the City Square and both the McManus Galleries and the High School of Dundee. 


Cooper & McKenzie is situated on the East side of the street, directly opposite to the entrance to Bank Street.


Vehicle access is available to our front door to the North, with the remainder of Reform Street to the South pedestrianised to create a more relaxed shopping environment. 


There are a number of metered parking bays in both Reform Street and Bank Street, with modern, low cost car parking facilities very close by at the Overgate Centre.  Five parking bays are reserved for disabled badge holders virtually at our entrance.


Numerous other excellent car parks skirt the town centre, and Reform Street is a simple ten minutes walk from either the railway or bus stations.


On arriving in Reform Street you might initially be deceived by our entrance which has been purposely retained compact in size - the striking graphics up the entire front elevation of the building will offer an indication of the tardis that you are about to enter!


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